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Saturday, September 18, 2004

A9 Search Engine by has now entered into the search engine market by launching Amazon claims that this search engine will make organizing and managing search results easier. Five sources will be provided by A9 to obtain results. For web and image search, it is powered by Google, Movie info from Internet Movie Database, reference material from and book text of more than 100,000 titles from's Search Inside The Book. A9 will also have a memory which will remember what user had searched before and will show relevant results. Every search performed on will be stored in the History column and organized by time. Users can switch between previous searches and the sites visited. With the A9 Toolbar, the list of all sites visited is accessible the same way. To gain advantage of all the A9 features, uses are required to download the A9 toolbar. The toolbar allows users to receive detailed information about almost any site-popularity, speed, reviews, and related web sites. A9 wil also feature a diary, enabling users to take notes on any web page whenever you visit that page, on any computer that you use. And ofcourse its automatic, you dont have to remember anything.