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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Not an Official Update: Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has warned the users of its newly-launched PlayStation Portable (PSP) against installing a file which is currently available on the Web sites. The file appears to add several new features to the PSP when installed.

"We have become aware that there is a software program going around on some Web sites and Internet bulletin boards claiming to be an update file that rewrites the system software of the PSP hardware," says Nanako Kato, a spokesperson for Sony in Tokyo.

"This software has not been issued officially by Sony and it does not function properly. We advise our users not to execute or apply the program as it will cause the PSP hardware to stop operating," she says.

This dummy file appeared last week and was obtained from a Sony server. The screenshots reveal that it promises to add functions such as an e-mail client, Web browser, voice chat, a calculator, text to speech reading, a word processor and/or spreadsheet, scheduler, and the ability to work with the SonicStage digital music software.

Kato confirms the file was created by Sony engineers and was produced for developers but says it contains dummy data. "It is not supposed to be used at this time," she says.

Users who have applied the file can get their PSP repaired by returning it to Sony. However, the company will charge for the repair service.