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Thursday, December 09, 2004

China bans Football Manager 2005

The Ministry of Culture of China has banned SEGA's Football Manager 2005. The reason being Tibet, the Taipei region of Taiwan and the Hong Kong Macau region are included in the game as separate countries, which is against Chinese law. They say it can pose harm to the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Though the game is not released for China but the game is available on the Internet and through pirated CDs. The ministry has also imposed a fine up to 30,000 yuan (approx US $3,600) or cancellation of business license those who provide the game. Internet service providers that do not prevent their users from downloading and installing the game after detection, will receive warning, a fine less than 15,000 yuan (US $1,800) or suspension of their business and cancellation of their license. On this SEGA said that "To give Chinese consumers the best football management game experience, Football Manager 2005 is being localised into simplified Chinese. We will follow the correct submission and approval process within China and look forward to feedback from the Chinese authorities on any modifications that may be required."