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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Samsung D600 Review

Samsung D600
Samsung, better known to produce charming and attractive looking handsets. Though it lacked features which Nokia gave at the same price. But when Samsung launched its D500, they were into some serious business. Its first slider phone D410 which failed to create an impact in the mobile market, they rolled out D500 which went onto be given as The World's Best Phone. The World's Best Phone though had some drawbacks like limited memory. But Samsung has eliminated them too by launching the latest D600. D600 is totally different from D500 in features and somewhat similar in looks. D500 was aimed at business class people and same is the case for D600 too. Picsel Viewer This is the main highlight of the phone. You would be wondering Picsel Viewer is all about. Well its not a Image Viewer but an application which is capable of opening MS Office files, PDF files, graphical and video formats. The application is so fast in opening files that even a 20 MB PDF file will just take around 2 seconds to open. Its just a viewer so no editing capabilities. Picsel viewer also allows an image may be sent to external sources, for instance, a TV-set. Besides viewing doucments on TV, you can view videos, photos or play games if you want to. Phonebook Phonebook is placed at the bottom right of the phone. The memory for storing contacts is 1000 and each contact has an option to enter five different nubmers (mobile, office, home, fax, other) which makes the capacity to store 5000 numbers excluding SIM card capacity. Any music file as well as composed MP3's can be chosen as a ringtone for the contact. SIM-card contacts can be moved to phone memory but not vice versa. Messages SMS Sending different type of messages is done through separate submenus. The memory for SMS messages is 200 plus SIM-card capacity. D600 supports Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) which is compatible with Nokia Smart Messaging. The encoding feature is good as user can choose different encodings like GSM or Unicode. Another great feature is that of Black List. A number in the black list cannot send you a message. Upto 10 numbers can be stored in the black list. MMS There is no size restriction to receive a MMS whereas the MMS to be sent should not exceed more than 295 KB. E-mail POP3/SMTP boxes and several tracking files are supported. The attachments supported are only GIF & JPEG files. The attachment is restricted to 300 KB. Call Records Call Records saves upto 20 missed, received or dialled calls. The call records menu is improved compared to D500. Settings The traditional menu in which many changes can be made in display and also in sound. Applications The first submenu in Applications is the MP3 Player. It is an integrated player. Files can be transferred via Bluetooth or any other synchronization program. Second submenu is of Voice Recorder. There is no limit of files which can be recorded. The duration can be set by a user which can vary from 30 seconds to 1 hour. It lacks recording of a conversation as it works only in standby mode. Next is the Java World. It has a memory of 4 MB which is allocated solely to Java apps and games. MIDP 2.0 version allows the use of the graphic reach and three-dimensional games. The three pre-installed games are Forgotten Warrior, Freekick, ArchAngel. The other basic applications are World Time, Alarm and a Calculator, Converter, Countdown timer & a Stopwatch. Funbox The funbox has all the files such as music, images, videos and sounds. Downloaded files are also kept here. Organizer D600 can store upto 400 types of different events such as meeting, affair, anniversary and others. WAP There is wap browser version 2.0 similar to some phones by Nokia and Sony Ericsson using HTTP protocol. Bluetooth D600 wont be able to send a contact or a image until the phone is paired. However, Bluetooth is better than in Nokia phones, Siemens but not so good than in Sony Ericsson. Camera D600 is equipped with a 2MP Camera which supports a max. resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. D600 supports effects as Gray scale, Negative, Sepia, Emboss, Sketch, Antique, Moonlight, Fog. The Last Call Picsel Viewer, image transmission to the external sources are unique features of the phone. The expansion of memory makes a good choice for a mp3 player unlike D500. Due to the D500 already making an impact in the market, D600 can also be an instant hit. But a competition can be expected by Nokia which will be launching Nokia 6270 in the last quarter of 2005.