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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Airtel: The Loophole King

Airtel may have got the award for the best GSM service but what about they have more than 1000 loopholes in their services. Many of Airtel subscribers are unhappy of their services. They leak out their SMS center numbers which enables users to change it and send SMSes free of cost. I think its a negative publicity to lure new customers. But with this piece of information (and many must be having, I suppose) Airtel would be losing many of their Premium Customers. Whether you call it a mistake or anything else Airtel has posted many phone numbers on their website. You would be thinking so what's the big deal? The deal is that the numbers are of celebrities, politicians, industrialists etc. Some of them include the Bachchan's, Thackerey's and many more. I have posted this news on my blog because these people are above the common man and anyone would love to get in touch with them. And please ask the numbers from me as it would be a waste of time. If Airtel executives are reading this, please remove the numbers posted on the website (You know guys from where) and protect your subscriber's privacy.