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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Online Word Processor

Zoho has come up with a nice solution to edit your Word documents or to create a PDF file when you don't have the necessary software to edit it. They have launched a ZohoWriter which enables the user to create word documents, pdf files and even sxw files online and that too at no extra cost. You can create new documents in the ZohoWriter as well as import the older ones to edit or view. A feature which can help many is that the document gets saved on their server. So you dont need to carry around discs to store the data. You can also share the documents with other people and post to the blogs within the ZohoWriter. Currently they support Blogger/Typepad/LiveJournal blogs. Thought it supports a limited number of fonts to fiddle with, it can prove very handy in emergency situations. To check it out, Click Here.