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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

PC for free! Yes it's true

A Hong Kong based website, Asiatotal launched iT which is a stripped-down personal computer that will be distributed free of cost to small businesses and people from lower income groups. The PC includes a keyboard, mouse, a 7 inch LCD monitor with speaker, smart card reader, mouse pad and all necessary cables. Now you would be wondering from where will they generate money? Well, they are totally dependant on their sponsors. The hotkeys (14 of them) on the keyboard gives the end user what he wants and the sponsors, the leads to their website. The 10 keys will be solely owned by the sponsors. When the user presses the hotkey, they will be directed to the sponsor's website. And the remaining four keys are generic, it means that sponsors will be able to buy or lease a hotkey. The four generic hotkeys are cinema, music, finance and health. For more information, Click Here.