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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Aqua Music Players from RWC

A Japanese company, RWC has launched a new series of Mp3 Players, the Arex Thumbstick Solid Aqua. Aqua is just the name and it does not mean that it is waterproof. This Music player from RWC is available in five different colors and offers playback of MP3, WMA, Wav files. In addition it has a FM tuner and a voice recorder. The music player comes only in a memory storage of 512 MB. The 29 grams device has an OLED screen and its dimensions are 85.5x26x11.1 mm. The device also features a fast charging mode which provides 80% of the battery charged in just 30 minutes and can give upto 12 hours of playback. The fully charged player can give upto 16 hours of playback. The release date of this music player is on 15th December. For more info on the product, Click Here.[Japanese]