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Friday, November 18, 2005

Mambo X, the multifunctional device

People believe that when they are shelling out money, they should get a device which is high on features and must be at an affordable price. Well, Mambo-X Photobank Jukebox is the device which you should look for. Mambo X can be used as a photo storage drive, an audio player, a voice recorder, an MP3-recorder, an external disk with USB 2.0 interface or a databank. To perform all these functions it has a 2.5 inch 20GB HDD, writing of MP3 files at 160 kbps bitrate from any audio source, playback of MP3, WMA files, its dimensions are 130x90x27 mm, weighs 280 g and has an 8 hours of battery life. Each unit costs $350.