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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Portable Music Players from Kenwood

Kenwood has unveiled a Music player which can play Mp3, WMA files and has a FM Tuner. It comes with a storage memory of 512 MB and 1 GB. The Music players of 512 MB will be available in 7 colors whereas the 1 GB one's will be available in 4 colors. The colors available will be Black, White, Blue, Lead-lead, Silver, Pink and Green. It has the dimensions of 34.5×67×15.3 and it weighs 39 grams including battery. The 1 GB Music Player can store upto 32 hours of music or upto 480 songs. On the other hand, the 512 MB player can store exactly the half of 1 GB i.e. 16 hours or 240 songs. For more information, Click Here.