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Monday, October 17, 2005

3GB phone from Samsung

Samsung SPH-V7900
Samsung has announced the launch of its new phone. The main highlight of this phone is its space. It has a mind boggling storage space of 3GB. It is the first phone with such memory space available. The SPH-V7900 can also function as a portable storage device for computers, Samsung said. It can hold 700 music files and store up to 2,400 contact details. SPH-V7900 is equipped with a new a 2 MP camera with 2x zoom, video playback, an MP3 player, a twist-flip format, and dual speakers. It has an e-mail function and a file viewer supporting MS Office files, pdf format documents, text and jpeg images. SPH-V7900 will be available at $718 through KTF, Korea's second largest service provider.