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Thursday, October 06, 2005

AMD Challenges Intel

AMD 64 Opteron
AMD published an advertisement today in leading newspapers and challenged its rival, Intel. The advertisement is as follows:
We Challenge Intel to Dual-Core Duel In April 2005, AMD introduced the world's first x86 dual-core server microprocessor. Since then, we've on every major industry-standard benchmark for x86 servers. Now Intel says they're a contender. So let's settle it. In the spirit of fair and open competition, AMD challenges Intel to a duel...a dual-core duel! It's time to find out which x86-based dual-core architecture best meets customer needs the old fashioned way: a live shoot-out measuring server workloads and energy consumption. And AMD is ready to meet anytime in 2005. To give Intel time to release their "optimal" dual-core processors. Industry-standard benchmarks. Obscure benchmarks need not apply. Volume commercial processors only. And may the best chip win.
From this advertisement I think AMD is pretty serious to intiate the cold war. Let's hope now Intel accepts the challenge. If you want to see the challenge accepted by Intel Sign the Petition. Click Here