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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Aluminium Utensils + RJ58 Cable = Wi-Fi Network

It is said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. And in case of this guy, it surely is. The guy is Ravi Sharma from Bangalore and wanted to network the computers for his dad's business. He did not want to opt for wired LAN and setting up a Wi-Fi network was just too expensive. So he decided to make his own Super G Wi-Fi network with some utensils and RJ58 cable. The distance was approx. 100 metres and the cable could get enough signal strength to take the data to the access point which was 50 metres away. The antenna with the WLAN card was unable to accept the data, so he used some reflectors from used aluminium utensils (pictured above). The antenna was placed in front of the inner curve of the utensil which gave the antenna a 20 dB gain. For making the utensil weather proof he applied some anti-rust paste. Finally he had to test its transmission rate. He got an impressive rate of 80 Mbps as compared to the expensive Super G Wi-Fi networks which give a transmission rate of 108 Mbps. [Image Source: Digit Mag]