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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Watch TV while having a shower

Now you don't need to miss your favorite television shows when you are having a shower. The device from Sharper Image won't let you to do. It's the TV Shower Companion. It lets you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or even DVD's without the fear of being electrocuted as it is water proof. It also has a TFT color LCD that has a built in 3 ½ inch screen. The TV shower companion works by plugging in a small tuner or transmitter to your TV set via the TV cable or the TV antenna or a DVD or VCR. You can view your shows clearly as far as 60 feet away from your TV with obstructions like wall etc. If there is no obstruction you can view it clearly from a distance of about 100 feet. It is available at Sharper Image for $210 which is slightly used or blemished. For a brand new one, it costs you $300. [Via Coolest Gadgets]