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Saturday, December 10, 2005

TireTagz for your Cars

You have added every accessory that is available for your car which makes it more rocking. To increase your car's appeal here's another accessory for your car tires. Its the TireTagz. You have to select an image or text and it will display on the tires. So how does TireTagz work? Well, as the tire rotates the LEDs transmit thousands of light pulses every millisecond which in turn produces the image or text you selected. It is fixed to the centre of the wheel and can only be removed using a special allen key. It is powered with 3V slim batteries. To buy TireTagz for 1 wheel, 2 wheels and 4 wheels can cost you $90, $149 and $289 respectively. For more information, Click Here. [Story found via Coolest Gadgets]