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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Airtel & Hutch with new pre-paid scheme

The two leading GSM operators in India, Airtel and Hutch have come up with another pre paid scheme to lure new customers. Its the LifeTime Validity Scheme which enables the users to keep their number activated for lifetime. Sounds interesting? Wait, there's a catch. You have to pay a one time payment of Rs.999 for the connection and you will be able to receive calls throughout your life. You get full talktime on every recharge, local calls at Rs.1.99/min and STD calls at Rs.2.99/min but to keep your number activated you have to recharge the phone every 6 months. Failing to recharge it, they will consider the number dead and terminate the service. In Airtel if you activate this service if you are an existing customer than you lose all the benefits you enjoyed before like Free Talktime or Free SMS. To see the Hutch Scheme, Click Here. To see the Airtel Scheme, Click Here.