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Thursday, June 16, 2005

PSP Hacked

Hackers have figured out to crack the Sony's PSP restrictions allowing them to run unauthorized programs and games on the U.S. version of PSP. PSP which was released in the United States in March had been the target of fervent attempts to unlock its capabilities which went beyond any previous handheld game machine. Sony's restrictions were defeated by a program which appeared on the Internet this week. It requires two memory cards, which are switched while the PSP is working. The exploit may not be practical or safe (an accompanying warning says it could cause damage if done improperly), but it represents a challenge to Sony's policy of tight control and opens the possibility that PSP games could be pirated. This hack works on version 1.5 of PSP which is the original firmware for the US edition. However this hack is not compatible with the 1.51 version which was released in May by Sony.