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Monday, October 04, 2004

PalmOne's Tungsten T5

PalmOne launched the Tungsten T5. This is the first PDA to ship with 256MB of memory and also the first to operate as a USB Flash drive. Tungsten T5 is powered by a 416MHz Intel XScale processor. With built-in Bluetooth but however it lacks Wi-Fi but you can add PalmOne's Wi-Fi SD card using the usual SD IO card slot. Tungsten comes with 256MB memory and also includes bunch of features such as the new file browser application, PalmOne Files, which is pre-set to be activated from of the buttons on the case. Tungsten T5 has been launched but PalmOne wont ship it till 3rd November. PalmOne said it will be widely available on its own web store. The T5 will be available for $399 in the US.