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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Samsung D410 Review

Samsung is no doubt one of the leading mobile phone makers in the world. And with this phone it will narrow its gap among the other competitors. Its the latest Samsung's D410. The first time I saw it (in the TV commercial), I was almost like ''What a phone?''. Yes, this phone contains the Samsung's latest innovation Slider Technology. Its priced at around 21k INR which tells us that its not a phone for basic users. You must have a deep pocket to buy this phone and to carry it too. Yes, its heavy and looks bulky too which is quite masculine. D410 can show upto 2,62,000 colours and supports 8 line display. It has a fully rotational camera and has an IrDA support. So the main attraction of this phone is that it slides. No real effort has to be made, you can open the phone with one hand. The Slide rails which can be seen on the back are made of Plastic. You can answer the call without opening the phone, but you have to slide (open) the phone if you want to make a call as the screen covers the whole keypad. Menu: It can be presented by two ways i.e. by page view or bar-stlye. It means that you can view it horizontally or vertically. Its like the Start Menu you have in Windows XP. Phonebook: Phonebook can store upto 1000 numbers alongwith other details like fax, email etc. (excluding the SIM memory). You can sort your contacts by group-wise. 10 groups can be created. Messages: You can store upto 200 SMS messages in the phone memory. This time Samsung has given MMS as separate menu item. You can create a MMS whose limit should not exceed 100kb while incoming MMSes should not exceed more than 45kb. E-mail: It also has a feature to send and receive e-mails if your service provider supports it. Call List: It can store upto 20 entries for each list. Sound: Ringtones contains 64-bit polyphony which is uncommon in other phones. Phone Settings: The normal features but IrDA is also included under this menu. The wallpapers are taken from National Geographic. Organizer: It is the traditional one but with a new feature of Dictaphone. You can record conversations (limit is 5) but the length limit is 30 seconds. FunBox: As this phone supports JAVA it contains four games. Along with sub-menu for internet and pictures and melodies. Camera: Camera in D410 is a VGA camera. You can zoom (upto 8x), change resolution. It also has a Multishot function with two speeds (normal and fast). The camera allows you to capture video clips of maximum 15 seconds and that too without audio. And finally the... Memory: It has 3mb for pictures and videos. 700kb for MMS, 1mb for e-mail and 600kb for JAVA applications and games.